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About Us

Redefine your LMS experience

Epedia is the simplest and most effective Learning Management System, designed to improve the efficiency of your educational institutions by combining powerful tools and collaborative features.

We are continually evolving, and improving our platform to make your LMS experience easier, every day.


Epedia is designed to address your organization and business needs.

Account Structure

Create different groups of employees with delegate responsibilities.

Valuable Insights

Gain valuable insights tailored to your business easily.

User Management

Manage multiple users with single sign-in and user-sync options.

Training Automation

Customize automated notifications to learners, supervisors, and managers.


Build, upload, and edit your online training and courses.


Provide users with opportunities to practice course materials.

Learn, create and scale your business with Epedia!

Branded Interface

Epedia adapts to you, allowing your institute to fully customize the LMS with your branding.

Tailored Solution

Epedia gives you the ability to create LMS that matches your needs with transparent and flexible payment plans.

Upgrades Guaranteed

Epedia has deployed the technology to continually evolve and improve our platform.

Support Service

Epedia offers exceptional customer support. Our team is at your service to provide onboarding, training, and real-time support.


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